Saturday, March 31, 2012

Will you see people you don't like in the afterlife?

When we pass over do we see people who we didn't like and couldn't stand to be around? If it's someone who hurt you and you have disconnected with them in life then you won't. So many people I've met have expressed fears they will bump into the grouchy Uncle who never had a kind word to say, or the much distanced ex that they would dread facing again, in this life or the next. The way it works is that when we pass over we graduate to other like-minded souls and re-connect to loved ones and good friends who we have shared a connection with. It's likely also you'll meet up with relatives and friends that you didn't share a deep connection with so the chances are you won't be spending a lot of time with them, unlike in life where you may feel an obligation, in the afterlife there are no obligations to anyone.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Psychic Readings


Would you like to have a psychic reading by email? Confidential and affordable and no tarot cards used. I am a Psychic Medium who specialises in contacting the other side bringing loved one's forward with their messages.
The reason i am offering email readings is although i do a lot of readings face to face the location is not always practical for people living in another parts of the globe, the Spirit world wants to reach out to everyone and sometimes it's just not practical to visit a Medium.

Loss of a loved one.
Career Love and money matters.
Concern for the future.
Spiritual guidance.

The above list is just some of the reasons to consult me for a reading.
View more details on my psychic reading blog

Saturday, March 24, 2012

You are welcome to read the latest review of my new novel Cappuccino Heaven.
                                      'A life after death.'
Heartwarming, sensitive and inspiring it will take you on a fictional journey from this world to the next...... well worth a read for everyone!
Catch the review on:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

When a loved one dies.

Your loved ones are not gone they walk with you every step of the way..... If you have lost someone close to you then its important that you share your grief, your loved one would not want you to suffer alone so seek company and talk through your feelings with a friend, family member or seek proffesional help. There are certain stages of grief that you must go through in your own time, no-one can pressure you to move further than you are capable of at your given time as each person's journey through loss is different from another and a lot depends on how your loved one passed over. So take your time to heal and remember that even though you may not be able to sense your loved one around you they are there, watching over you and loving you just as much as they always did.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Will you be famous in Heaven?

Do people stay famous in Heaven? The truth is no they do not, we are all born equal and when we pass over into spirit we are one with eachother, what ever fame someone had in life is lost, although their skills are not. So a well know entertainer will still entertain on the other side but they won't be any screaming fans. Spirits don't go seeking out their favourite stars either, the need for meeting the person they may have idolised is gone.
However many famous people do contribute widely to the spirit world whether it be in the scientific or medical field, or psychological field as do musicians, painters, actors and the like. Impressing their thoughts and ideas on people still living who are open to the chanelling and helping many spirits on the other side also.
So if you think you can hunt out Elvis Presley for his autograph on the other side then think again, you won't be interested and niether will he!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Becoming a Medium

                People often ask me what does it take to become a psychic medium.

Yes, we are all psychic it's just that some people have any easier time tapping in and more confidence in trusting what they recieve without question. For example, how many times in your life have you had a hunch or a feeling? Did you accept or act upon it or dismiss it and then later on thinking, 'I wish I had done that.'

When i was growing up my psychic medium Mother who had apparently inherited her gift from her Mother would always tell me that one day I would pratice as a Medium, I laughed and carried on with my childhood ignoring the neighbours who would drop by for a chat and a quick 'reading' that I thought happened in all my friends homes, of course I did eventually discover that was not the case and my Mother was the only one giving what she called 'Messages from the beyond.'

I learned to live with it and accepted it as 'normal' after much soul searching. If, you think you may have the abilities here are some questions to help you, if you can answer them honestly that you have the ability to become a Medium. I will try to keep it simple:

1. Have you always had a feeling that you were not alone, from childhood onwards.
2. Have you often forseen something then found out later it had happened.
3. Do you hear, feel or see spirits around you.
4.Have you often given friends advice, well meaning for their future and then what you said came about.
5.Do you feel a pressure when you are with someone who is very sick.
6.Have you forseen the death of a loved one, friend, or even someone remotely connected to you.
7. Have you often called a friend because you have felt uneasy only to find out that there is a problem.
8.Are you drawn to tarot cards, crystals and have a passion for candles.
9.Do you have a need to read books written by Mediums and have done so frequently or thought about it.
10.Are your dreams sometimes very real where you connect with lost loves ones and recall the dream the next day.
11.Have you often thought that you could sit down with someone and give them messages without worrying about where it's coming from.
12.Are you seriously interested in your spiritual development.

This is no a quiz it's just a collection of questions to help you to see if you have psychic abilities. If there is anything you would like to ask then feel free to contact me.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Psychic Development Workshop UK

Do you think you have psychic skills?
Do you want to know more about the afterlife?
Do you want to learn how to put those psychic skills into pratice in your daily life and help others?


Our exceptional guest trainer Author Michelle Wright is a third generation psychic who has been using her gift for many years. She is also a qualified counsellor who has helped many people with her skills and also ran training courses for over seven years whilst living in Spain. In addition she wrote a weekly self-help for the Euro Weekly News. She has recently penned a new novel Cappuccino Heaven, a fictional account of the afterlife.
Other training courses she runs are:

Emotional Intelligence.
Working through grief.
How to understand depression.
Improving your communication and listening skills.

For maximum results places are very limited so hurry!
Date 19/22 May.
Location. Maidenhead. Berkshire.
Cost. 120 pounds. Special introductory price.

For more information contact Erica Scott.
01628 20727. 0781 886 8865

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cappuccino Heaven


Out now on Amazon Kindle. My latest novel Cappuccino Heaven will take you on a journey into the afterlife with Elizabeth Walker. Leaving her 38 years of life behind she enters her wider world full of expectations, meeting friends and family long gone she marvels at the fact she can still get her favourite cappuccino's.
Slowly she begins to realize that her visions of the afterlife are not what they seem, the dark lower levels becoming a source of attraction that draws her to the idea of rescuing lost tormented souls exposing her own human weakneses. A sensitive and challenging story that will leave you wondering, maybe what we do in life does affect where we go in death. A must read for everyone.

afterlife: Share your afterlife experiences

afterlife: Share your afterlife experiences: People have often asked me why i have such a solid belief in the afterlife. The truth is that since i was a child i seemed to have a sense t...

afterlife: Cappuccino Heaven. Author. Michelle Wright. Out no...

afterlife: Cappuccino Heaven. Author. Michelle Wright. Out no...: Cappuccino Heaven. Author. Michelle Wright. Out now on Kindle A fictional afterlife adventure What happens after we die? What ...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Do you believe our beloved pets survive death? Have any experiences of your pet making an appearance after passing. Let's hear your heartwarming stories, sometimes they can be a great support to people who have recently lost a pet.

Share your afterlife experiences

People have often asked me why i have such a solid belief in the afterlife. The truth is that since i was a child i seemed to have a sense that i wasn't alone and for some reason unexplained i had no fear of dying. From an early age when my writing career begun i would pen dozens of short stories all relating to the paranormal.
This never left me, my dream to eventually become a full-time writer creating books from my numerous afterlife stories, notes and scribbles and a million thoughts. What i would really love is to hear your stories, do you believe there is life after death? Have you ever had the feeling that someone close to you that has passed over is with you, especially if you are having a rought time? Share your encounters here as it's possible i can include them in my next novel.