Friday, March 16, 2012

Will you be famous in Heaven?

Do people stay famous in Heaven? The truth is no they do not, we are all born equal and when we pass over into spirit we are one with eachother, what ever fame someone had in life is lost, although their skills are not. So a well know entertainer will still entertain on the other side but they won't be any screaming fans. Spirits don't go seeking out their favourite stars either, the need for meeting the person they may have idolised is gone.
However many famous people do contribute widely to the spirit world whether it be in the scientific or medical field, or psychological field as do musicians, painters, actors and the like. Impressing their thoughts and ideas on people still living who are open to the chanelling and helping many spirits on the other side also.
So if you think you can hunt out Elvis Presley for his autograph on the other side then think again, you won't be interested and niether will he!