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The Vampire Queen of prose. Meet author Carole Gill.

Does she bite? Yes, her ability to spin a vampire tale is proved in her novels. Carole Gill is not new to the publishing industry and is skilled in her genre of dark horror and vampires. The reader is taken into the world of historical and gothic horror told in an elegant but scary prose. What more can I say except welcome into the vampiric world of  talented author Carole Gill.

I write dark horror, but vampires are my specialty. I have no idea why that is, I just love writing about them. But I do it my way. I focus on what I consider to be crucial to their existence: their feelings.
Yes, they have them. Even my favorite villain, hate-filled, maniacal Eco who appears in all three of my novels (but stars in the last two) has feelings. In his case he is the way he is precisely because he has feelings. He was damned for something his father did.
His father was a fallen angel and Eco is vampiric. Such beings are creatures of the blood in my fiction.
Eco’s nemesis shares the same heritage but whereas Eco is bad, Louis tries (as he says) ‘to do less evil than himself.’
As he says: he has no code to guide him, no promise of heaven awaits, he has too much freedom and no restraint.
Louis is a true immortal as Eco is, for these sons of fallen angels cannot be destroyed. If Van Helsing popped up one dark night, they’d just shrug and say;
“Sorry, you’re wasting your time.”
Of course Eco would say a lot more than that. He’d laugh at Van Helsing; he’d skip around cackling and taunting him.
He’s mad by the way, in case you haven’t guessed. He’s completely deranged.
What drove him mad was his innate intelligence; the power of his reasoning for instance. When he came face to face with Jesus and felt every inch the demon he was he knew which side had the power.
Eco: “Yes, we would terrorize and torture, we would spread evil through willing vessels but in the end we were little more than insects, little more than flies in Heaven’s ointment.”
~ from “The Ointment.”
All vampires are damned, they have no souls. Those I write about fill that void with memories of love as they recall their living lives.
I also make a point of having them mourn for those living lives. They recall their deaths too, of being raised up or created. Those that were raised up passed through hell and how quickly they did affects them either with hell’s taint or not.
Created or turned vampires are brought into the ‘hood. The sister or brother- hood, whatever you wish to call it. It is better for them since they haven’t passed through hell, as they didn’t witness the horror of having demons reaching for them.
Most vampires, those created or raised from the dead, can be destroyed. Let Van Helsing enter the equation and they are gone.
It might be a relief for them. I have vampires who choose to destroy themselves. Yet those descended from fallen angels have no choice; for they endure.
Michelle asked me if I would write about my gothic vampires. I hope I have. I happen to love history and so I set my fiction in the past. In biblical times, during the crusades and so on.
I even have the French Revolutionists using the guillotine to make damn well certain they get any vampiric nobles. (There weren’t many and King Louis and Queen Marie Antoinette certainly weren’t. My goodness, they suffered enough I am not going to have them blood suckers.
So that’s it really. I think any undead, whether they are ghosts or vampires or zombies, give us comfort. We enjoy reading (and writing) about them because they give Death a good kick up the backside and what’s wrong with that?
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Unholy Testament-The Beginnings
Unholy Testament –Full Circle
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