Friday, August 31, 2012

Where do your loved ones go in the afterlife.

When someone we love passes away we are left wondering if they are safe and happy, it is a normal reaction in all of us. Questions rage on, are they in a safe place, do they have the company of others who will take care of them, can they still see us and will they remember us? The answer is yes to all. They are more alive than ever, restored to full health and are able to pursue any hobbies or passions that they desire. Of course they come back, usually more frequently at first to try to reassure us they are not lost, then less as our time goes by and our grief lessens. So where do they go exactly?
That all depends on their progression in this life. For someone who lead a simple life and didn't care much about the bigger picture their place in the afterlife will be pretty much the same as here, similar surroundings, familiar feelings, until they are ready to progress this is where they will stay, seemingly content in their creation of a spiritual existence. Others who worked on their development when alive will progress higher and will be, just as the simple spirit, amongst like-minded spirits. We all graduate to where we belong so all is in balance and harmony, unlike here where we are all mixed up together. Children always go to a higher level as they are devoid of life's ravages that plague and hold us back.
The spirit world is not so different to here, there are houses and cities and mountains and rivers and millions of inhabitants, but there are some things that are not the same. We are lighter and free to travel anywhere we please, telepathy is used more than speaking as we get used to our new surroundings. We connect to people we love, but if there is someone who we don't wish to see then we don't. We pass into the light very quickly, but our adjustment can take longer depending on our acceptance of our being there. All material desires are gone, no need for work or money and we can pursue any hobbies or passions we desire, sometimes being able to do things we couldn't do in life. In all rest assured your loved ones are happy.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

JR Rain and Scott Nicholson's Ghost File series

Do I like things that go bump in the night? Well, like is the wrong word. As a psychic medium I've become accustomed to the other side making an appearance on a regular basis-ghostly doesn't scare me.
As an author I have loved writing about the afterlife in fiction and when author JR Rain asked me to put a story together for his Ghost File series I jumped at the chance. Who wouldn't?
Not only is he a Best Selling Author he also happens to be a super nice guy and my abilities as a psychic seemed to be a plus point in his view.
So I sat down and created Ghost Hall, the next novella to enter into the world of Monty and Ellen Drew who are fictional paranormal investigators. He's the sceptic who's always trying to come around and she's the psychic-together they work on guiding wandering ghosts into the light. It's a unique series that's become a real succes and is set to continue. JR and Scott penned the first novella Ghost College then gave the reigns over to Evelyn Klebert for Ghost Solider and Eve Paludan for Ghost Fire. Now it was my turn to take the reigns and bring forward my take on the adventures of  paranormal investigators/husband and wife team Monty and Ellen.
I pondered long and hard for the story-line and figured that being British and living in Belgium gave me an edge. I could set the story in either countries promoting Monty and Ellen to  to the status of international paranormal investigators. I went with Belgium seeing as the country is littered with haunted hot spots-literally.
It didn't take long to find my abandoned city hall standing tall and neglected and dating back to the 15th century. It had unceremoniously burned down twice and been rebuilt. The last time was in the 17th century and it's still standing- as of now. I was fortunate to be able to get a peek inside and it was everything a writer could have dreamed of for a paranormal adventure. It was then that Ghost Hall was born. 
I don't want to give away too much but needless to say I didn't have much trouble blending modern day investigations with historical facts concerning World War 2. It was a unique experience to be able to write a book using the inspiring time I had spent in the actual location. Friends asked me if I felt it was haunted when I was there. I have to confess there was a strange energy in certain places and a few cold spots. But there were no spirit manifestation to be seen. Maybe they were in hiding and- just may be responsible for every new restoration project falling through for decades. Ummm, spooky!

                                      Recent photographs taken inside the abandoned city hall.

                                                  Series 4 in the Ghost file series. Ghost Hall.