Saturday, April 14, 2012

What if you don't go into the light?

                                                      Cappuccino Heaven II the sequel

                                             What if you don't go into the light?

Elizabeth Walker waits patiently in the afterlife for a much awaited reunion with her husband Mike. But the dream becomes a nightmare when he dies of old age and goes straight into the dark lower levels manipulated by evil entities who revel in taking him further away from the light at every turn.
Endless missions with trusted friends to rescue him fail, each time discovering that he’s taken further and lower into the bowels of hell, unaware of her presence and stuck in an abyss of his own creation it appears all is lost. If only Elizabeth can find someone powerful enough to challenge the manipulative game-playing spirit jailers and release her beloved Mike then the nightmare will be over.

Out of the light and into the dark
                      Cappucino Heaven Book I is available on Amazon Kindle edition

Clinging to any shred of hope she refuses to give up, believing as her own strength grows stronger and stronger that the love she has in her heart will be the shining light in what becomes a never ending battle between good and evil.