Sunday, May 27, 2012

KDP Select worked for me.

My books sales were going okay that's just it, they were okay not dead in the water but they were not moving too far forward either. I had tried KDP for 3 days in early April for my debut novel Cappuccino Heaven and I got quite a few downloads which helped my ranking and generated more sales afterwards.

This time I decided to use up my last 2 days and also put my second novel Lost on for 2 days as well.

Well, in spite of all the negative press recently that KDP was on it's last legs and the most you could hope for was a few hundred downloads I risked a couple of days thinking I had nothing to lose. The moment it went on free status the downloads started to come in at alarming speed and continued that way throughout the 2 days as the figure climbed into the thousands.

Cappuccino Heaven hit the Kindle best seller free list at the end of day 1. By day 2 it had climbed from #100 to #33 and stayed there dropping only to #53 when the promo ended. It reached #7 at one point in Romance which suprised me as it's not exactly a love story so I don't know why it landed in there!
Lost did well too, less downloads but did make #9 in Ghost horror where it stayed for 2 days. For a new release I was suprised it got so far.
Now I will wait to see what happens to my sales as the ranking levels out after it goes from free to paid. All in all it was worth it. Thousands more people know who I am and it's great book exposure.

If you're unsure whether to use KDP select maybe you should try a promotion and not be put off by negative information I accept that the 30,000 downloads or more are hard to come by now and there are more free books than ever so you have much more competition but there's nothing to loose and everything to gain for trying.
Of course for me now to see just how sucessful it's been sales wise I will have to wait because I won't know  for a couple of days or weeks how it pans out but I'm optimistic.

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